Empowering traumatized children by building resiliency and restoring hope.

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The mission of MCCAC is to advocate for children who have been abused or encountered other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) by providing a child-friendly and safe environment where children and their families can be interviewed, supported, and healed.

MCCAC helps children and families in the aftermath of a trauma by providing three resiliency building services: forensic interviews, family advocacy, and therapy. We work collaboratively with other professionals in the community to support families. Clients never have to pay anything out of pocket for our services. We focus on what is in the best interest of children. At MCCAC, kids come first.

Our main goal is to improve the lives of children in our community. Our vision is for every child in our community to be happy, healthy, and safe from abuse and violence. Our efforts not only help children now, but also have far reaching benefits for each child and our community in the future. Overall, our services benefit the community because they decrease the costs associated with child abuse investigations and the long-term consequences of abuse/ trauma, promote mental health and resiliency for children, and improve public safety.

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To report abuse, please call CPS at 1-800-352-6513 or your local law enforcement agency.